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Anti - Allergen

Our Anti-Allergen Solution is formulated from non-ionic surfactants, this was meant to create a powerful anti-allergen solution that denatures protein allergens from dust mite feces, cat and dog dander. Don't allow your loving pet to cause your health to suffer. Eco Earth Sanitizing is the leading company for servicing residents along Florida's east coast for years. Our solution has been proven effective and safe for people, pets and the environment. The active ingredients neutralize or deactivates the protein allergens so that they are no longer recognized by the human body's immune system, therefore an allergy caused by certain proteins that cause the immune system to make a response will no longer be there.

To keep the best defense against protein allergens is consistent electrostatic spraying. Using this technology monthly will help to remove the day-to-day effects of protein allergens that cause allergy and asthma attacks the most people suffer from. When we are hired by you to keep your family and you healthy, we don't cut corners or skim on product to save us money. This cost effect monthly treatment is meant to free you from the chains of the past and to allow you to live a more healthier vibrant lifestyle.

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