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Carpet Re-Stretching

Restretch your carpet to give it new life

A elegant carpet is a nobel thing to see as you walk into room and it's very disappointing to see when your carpet is all loose and lumpy. Like wrinkles on your clothes you notice these imperfections right away. These have a way of looking worse over time and you tend to notice them more! It's not a worry when the problem can be easily solved by Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing.

Your professional re-stretching company

As you take the time to care for your wall to wall carpet sometimes it’s possible for it to get loose and stretched over time. You can lose some of the natural appearence with carpet if its not re stretched. With constant walking and pressure, the core of the fiber stretches and you start noticing buckling or wave drifting. Its time to have your carpets re stretched.
You have to be careful by how much you stretch your carpet, since overstretching can cause even more damage!

How carpet re-stretching works

The tech starts off by removing everything from the room that can restrict the free movement of the carpet. This means all the room furniture must be moved off the carpet. Generally a wall-to-wall carpet will have tack strips along the edges that hold the carpet backing and keep it tight. The tech releases the carpet from one side or the other. Your tech then uses a power stretcher and a knee kicker to move it in one direction, say North or South to give the carpet that look of tightness. Then carpet is re gripped on the tack strips to hold it in place.
Now the carpet re stretching is done and all the wrinkles have been removed.
Having a tight wall-to-wall carpet gives it new life and making it much easier to vacuum and clean. You’ll get many more years of the same wear out of it and not spend as much to replace it.

Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning suggestions:

If your carpet has a terrible pet odor, get expert advice first Just because your carpet smells bad, that doesn’t mean it has to be torn out and junked. Our carpet cleaners have a very effective sanitizing odor product which neutralizes the odor. We may have to soak the area in carpet with our special solution to remove the affected part of the padding where the odor is coming from. This is more affordable then replacing the padding.

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