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Upholstery Care and Cleaning

Let the experts make your old furniture look clean and new again.

Life for upholstery is never ending and to your furniture it's everyday use. Dust mites, human and pet skin particles, natural body oils and and too many pollutants adhere to your upholstery every day. Upholstery professionally cleaned on a consistent basis can result in longer life and use of your furniture, particularly if the materials are expensive, delicate.
We restore your upholstered furniture and remove dust, pollen, tender and even dust mites with our life enhancing yet affordable price cleaning methods. We inspect all the furniture to provide you the best treatment to renew your upholstery. Things such as fabric stability, color fastness, and the general age of the fabric could have a drastic effect on the method of cleaning used.

Furniture in your home is a segment of interior design as floor coverings

We Keep Your Furniture Looking it's best!
Most new furniture upholstery is applies with protective solvents from the factor, however this protector will soon to wear down as time goes by. Your should have this protection reapplied to help preserve the upholstery, renewing it’s appearance and durability. Further, it provides you a longer window of time for treating spills before they shift into problematic stains. Don't wait until the furniture looks dirty to have it cleaned.

Fresh is appealing, certain smells arise all the time. Bad smells in upholstered pieces are eliminated by our enzymatic solution which targets organic causes of odors. Our enzymes can quickly disintegrate the organic material so your furniture will smell good as new.
Now is the time to take advantage of our deals for upholstery cleaning. With our upholstery and carpet cleaning services you can prolong the appeal of luxuriousness and useful life of your home decor. Our specialist will give you an unequaled service that will help your furniture enjoy a greater life span, thus saving you money on replacement cost. With Eco Earth Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing you'll come back year after year always enjoying the friendly service. Our smile greets you at the door and your let's us know when leaving we did a good job.

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